MLS Business Partners Network

MLS Business Partners. The experience in the network.

MLS Business Partner is the organizational and support partner of the Master Legal Service network.
The most modern network of lawyers, attentive to change and the new needs of companies and people.

Over 180 participating law firms, for a total of around 800 selected professionals who live the reality of 135 out of 138 Judicial Districts on a daily basis, are the excellence of the MLS brand, for the benefit of both large users of legal services (Bank, Investor, Servicer, Insurance companies, utilities, etc.), as well as small and medium-sized enterprises interested in making use of excellent legal services.

The expertise of the lawyers who know the specific realities of the territory and of the courts, coordinated by the managerial and market skills of MLS Business Partners, allows you to seize the best opportunities at national and local level.

The advantages of a network of qualified professionals. The most important and extensive in Italy.

  • Diversified experience and skills: from business management, to knowledge of the market, to organizational and operational models.
  • In-depth experience in business and legal consultancy in the credit sector with a strong knowledge of the increasingly topical peculiarities of the NPL market.
  • Flexibility of work teams, a lighter network, tailor-made for each different customer.
  • Deep knowledge of local industries.

MLS Master Legal Service

MLS Master Legal Service
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